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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Connecting SAP BI to Microsoft SQL Server Database

This document reflects couple of steps that we used to connect our SAP BI on DB2/Windows x64 bit based Server with MS SQL Server Database.

The Purpose of our connection was to read one table from SQL Server DB.


To connect the existing SAP BI NW 7.02 on DB2 and Windows x64 bit based system with MS SQL Server Database.

1.    Create a Logical System for this connection. We created SQLSERVER
2.    Download the DBSL for the external RDBMS in your kernel directory - for SQL Server it is called dbmssslib.dll

Go to market place path: SAP NetWeaver and complementary products > " SAP NetWeaver" > SAP EHP2 FOR SAP NETWEAVER 7.0 > " Entry by Component" > Application Server ABAP > SAP KERNEL 7.20 64-BIT UNICODE > Windows on x64 64bit > MS SQL SERVER > and check for the Data Base Library file "lib_dbsl_218-10007271.sar"

The following 2 files are uncared from the file "lib_dbsl_218-10007271.sar": 
a.     dbmssslib.dll
b.     dbmssslib.pdb

Put both these files in the following locations
a.     D:\usr\sap\\SYS\exe\uc\NTAMD64
b.     D:\usr\sap\\DVEBMGS\exe

Go to transaction DBCO and enter the following new entries

The Parameters to be entered are as follows:

DB Connection: A name for the connection to SQL Server
DBMS: Data base type
User Name:
DB Password:
Permanent: Uncheck
Connection Limit: 0
Optimum Conns: 0

For SQL:-
SERVER = Hostname or IP of Sever hosting SQL Server DB
DB_NAME = Data base that you need to connect to
Schema = dbo

For Oracle:-

Once you save it, the entries will be created in Table: DBCON

Go to RSA1

Press enter and then enter/select the desired DB connection parameters as explained above.

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